Beja Airport News

Beja International Airport news in Alentejo - Portugal
Beja International Airport news in Alentejo - Portugal.

Ryanair - Beja Airport too far from Lisbon

Vice president Michael Cawle from Ryanair recently visited Beja International Airport in southern Portugal. During discussions it became clear Ryanair doesn't see the Alentejo Airport as a base for operations. Have a look;

Golf resort at the Alqueva Lake in Portugal

Golf resort at the Alqueva Lake in Portugal

A large golf resort at the shores of Europe’s biggest reservoir lake in Portugal is expected to open end of 2012. A former royal hunting estate – Herdade do Roncão – owned by King Carlos I of Portugal is transformed into a luxury hotel with golf course. Have a look;


Roncão d'el Rei - Golf resort and hotel in Portugal 38° 18' 23.7564" N, 7° 26' 28.4892" W

Rent a car in portugal

Rent a car in portugal

For those who wish to rent a car in Portugal – here’s an experience of renting and driving a small car in Portugal in early 2012.  In all low-season rentals are quite a bargain with unlimited miles and ultra low fuel consumption – have a look.


2012 Beja Airport developments

There are a few Beja Airport developments in early 2012 – although it’s not all good news, its interesting to see what problems the travel industry is facing in these economic harsh times. 

Beja International Airport in Alentejo province Portugal

Beja city near Beja Airport in the Alentenjo Province - PortugalLocated in the south of Portugal, just above the Algarve region the new Beja International Airport is preparing for an international debut in spring 2011. With a 3,5 km long runway, large enough for big airplanes like the Boeing 747 and Airbus A340, Beja Airport unlocks the rural Alentejo region. Beja, the nearby rural town, located on the Golden Plain, looks at a more than promising future.


Beja in the Alentjeo province in Portugal 38° 0' 50.4612" N, 7° 51' 46.098" W

First charter flight departs from Beja Airport

The first commercial charter flight departed from Beja Airport with destination Cape Verde this week. Read about this exceptional international flight among certification activities at the airport.

Aeromec invests 5 million in Beja Airport

Aeromec - a Portuguese based aircraft maintenance company - invests 5 million Euro in Beja Airport - Alentejo - Portugal. The deal - covering a period of 30 years - is announced by ANA, the Portuguese aviation authority. Aeromec occupies a hangar at Beja Airport for maintenance of wide body and narrow body aircrafts.

First direct charter flight from UK to Beja Airport

British Midland International (BMI) plans to operate weekly direct flights from UK Heathrow to Beja Airport in Portugal from 22 May 2011.

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