Truck junk yards in Europe

European Truck junk yards

Those looking for parts for their overland truck sometimes turn to junk yards to find used parts. Sometimes it's only place to look, because new parts for old trucks are discontinued and existing stock has run out. Finding truck junk yards is not so easy, they're hidden among the many car junk yards. Here's a list of truck junk yards in west and south Europe.


Truck junk yards in Europe

While traveling in France, Spain or the Netherlands visiting a Truck junk yard, Truck salvage yard, Truck scrap yard or Truck breaker might just result in finding that one missing truck part.  The first problem is to find the right words for truck junk yard in a different language, which sometimes is local slang.

Truck junk yards in Spain
Truck junk yards are not so easy to find - hidden among many car junk yards

With Google Earth truck junk yards can be separated from car junk yards - trucks are simply bigger. Also the size of the junk yard can be seen using satellite images.

Most Truck Junk Yards do a lot of international trading so chances are some-one at the yard speaks or writes a foreign language.

Truck junk yards in the Netherlands

The local term for junk yard in dutch is "sloop" or "demontage bedrijf" offering used truck parts known as "gebruikte vrachtwagen onderdelen".

The local term for truck in dutch is "vrachtwagen". The bigger truck junk yards are member of the Dutch junk yard association called the STIBA -

Truck Junk Yards in the Netherlands
Anema Trucks Eddie Dücker Trucks
North-West South-East  
Boekelerdijk 15a,
1812 LV Alkmaar
Den Uitvanck 3
5688 XG Oirschot
   Large truck junk yard
Anema Trucks Spare Parts Sloop Holland Netherlands Eddie Dücker Trucks Parts Sloop Holland Netherlands
Mestebeld Trucks MPR Truck parts Van Vliet Trucks
Center South-West West
Parallelweg 24 8152
BE Lemelerveld
Hulsingbroek 1 5993
NE Maasbree
Parallelweg Zuid 215
2914 LE Nieuwerkerk
Sorted supply, small yard
  Small yard, large truck supply
Mestebeld Trucks Sloop Holland Netherlands MPR Truck parts sloop Holland Netherlands Van Vliet Trucks Holland Netherlands

Hommeles Trucks Vos Truck parts Harry Vloet Trucks
South-East South South
Rijksweg 5


Broekheuvelsestraat 2
5321 JC - Hedel
Bovensteweg 63

6585 KB MOOK

Huge supply of army vehicles
Hommeles Army Trucks Holland Netherlands Vos truck Parts Holland Netherlands Harry Vloet Trucks Holland Netherlands
 Leeman Trucks   JWC Cars
 Mid-West   South-East
 Esdoornlaan 80
4921 DV Made
  Landingsweg 4
5482 TA Schijndel
 Largest truck junk yard
Hanomag / Benz parts
Leeman truck junk yard vrachtwagen sloop in Made The Netherlands
JWC Cars Hanomag Mercedes Sloop Holland Netherlands

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Truck junk yard list Explained

In the list above you'll find the GPS location (click on the address) together with  truck Junk yard website. If there's no website, the satellite image is listed. 

This is an example of a Truck junk Yard listing;

Truck junk yard listing example and explanation
Truck Junk Yard listing and explanation

Truck junk yard locations in Germany, Belgium and Italy are in preparation. In case you know a truck junk yard not listed here, drop us a note.