Impressions from Portugal
A few highlights from Portugal - traveling overland by 4x4 truck

Portuguese tile work, train station Azulejo

Portuguese Azulejo Tile work at train station

Azulejo – the name for Portuguese tile work – is seen at many public buildings in Portugal. Here’s an example of fine tile work art at an abandoned train station in the south of Portugal. Have a look;


Antique railway station scale

Antique railway station platform scale

Portugal still has many abandoned old buildings in rural regions. Here’s an example of a sudden find – have a look;


Datsun pickup truck, oldtimer

Datsun pickup truck, oldtimer

Portugal still has quite a few oldtimer cars in daily use. Here is a typical Portuguese pickup truck – a Datsun 620 1970’s pickup truck. Have a look;


Car rental in Portugal

Car rental in Portugal - VW Polo 1.2 petrol

In May 2012 we needed a car again for a short time – so we rented one. This time a VW Polo 1.2 model 2012 with a petrol engine. Here’s an impression of the rental car and the  price for 2 weeks in spring 2012.


Sunbeam Police Motorcycle in Portugal

Sunbeam police motorcycle in Portugal

A nice old-timer Sunbeam motorcycle was at display by the Portuguese Republican Guard (GNR) on the OVIBEJA cultural festival held each year. This original was used to patrol the roads, have a look;



Exhibition center Beja 38° 0' 17.568" N, 7° 51' 27.288" W

Zero-Carbon Translator on a bicycle

Zero-Carbon Translator on a bike

Imagine riding your bicycle from Morocco to Japan – that’s what Ignacio Duran is doing. Coming from Morocco and 4100+ Km further - Ignacio is now on his way to France. Have a look;



Beja in Portugal 38° 0' 56.2464" N, 7° 51' 54.846" W

Diesel and Petrol prices online in Portugal

Diesel and Petrol prices online in Portugal

Portugal is known for it’s rather high fuel tax within the European Union. Fuel prices are high but a remarkable government initiative makes it possible to get a better deal. The daily fuel price at every petrol station in Portugal is published online since 2009. Have a look;


Granja Amareleja Portuguese Wine

Granja Amareleja Portuguese Wine

Granja Amareleja is a Portuguese wine from Mourão in the southern Alentejo province.  A region known for its hot and arid climate - giving the Granja Amareleja wine it's destinct taste. Have a look;




Mourão Municipality - Portugal 38° 23' 5.37" N, 7° 20' 47.76" W
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