2012 Beja Airport developments

There are a few Beja Airport developments in early 2012 – although it’s not all good news, its interesting to see what problems the travel industry is facing in these economic harsh times. 

Beja Airport spring and summer flight season reshuffle

In summary what seems to be going on for Beja Airport  in 2012:

-    Vila Vita has canceled Beja Airport tourist charter flights for 2012 –
     The travel group couldn’t find a charter flight within the deadline.
     Instead Vila Vita uses Faro Airport for 2012.
-    Several Vila Vita crew flights are scheduled for March and April 2012
-    Possibly a 2013 charter flight alliance with German Vila Vita and Olimar group

-    Nine unnamed charter flights from London might be scheduled this year.

-    British Sunvill is still seeking for an airliner for the summer season
-    BMI has been bought by British Airways, hampering Sunvills charter flights

-    French low cost airliner Aigle Azur might setup up charter flights in 2013
-    In 2012 Aigle Azur first brings tourist to the Alentejo from Lisbon airport

Sunvill and Vila Vita seems to have the same problems – finding the right airliner.

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