Beja Airport News

Beja International Airport news in Alentejo - Portugal
Beja International Airport news in Alentejo - Portugal.

Government makes commercial exploitation of Beja Airport a priority

Government planning for 2010-2013 prioritizes the commercial exploitation of Beja Airport.

Debate on structural projects in Beja

Beja Airport is one of the subjects to be discussed in a cycle of thematic meetings organized by GADE - the Economical Development Support Office of Baixo Alentejo. The debate takes place on the 27th of January in the auditorium of the Municipality of Beja.

Beja Airport discussed in first Alentejo Tourism Congress

The city of Beja will be the stage of the First Alentejo Tourism Congress organized by Turismo do Alentejo, ERT on 26 and 27 March. Among many other subjects, the impact of Beja airport on local tourism is discussed.

Beja Airbase BA11 joins Real Thaw 2010 exercise

The Portuguese Air Force carries out an exercise called Real Thaw 2010 from the 25th of January up-to the 4th of February. Operations are run from the 5th Air Force Base, in Monte Real, Leira. Beja Airbase BA11 also joins in on Real Thaw 2010.

Beja Visitor Directory in the Alentejo province in Portugal

Hotels and pension in and around Beja - Alentejo - Portugal

Beja has quite a few hotels and pensions - below are the ones with websites. Also around Beja there's accommodation for those appreciating the serenity of Beja's golden plain.


Beja covered market place near the bus station. 38° 0' 42.0516" N, 7° 51' 32.8752" W

Beja Airport History in the Alentejo province - Portugal

History of Beja Airport - Portugal

Beja Airport has a history that starts back in the 1960's. It's known as Beja Airbase BA11 - a big project of the German Air Force in Portugal. The airbase is located in the middle of the Alentejo province just above the Algarve region. Here's an overview of Beja Airport history in turbulent cold war times.

Air Cargo at Beja Airport is planned for negotiation

"Air freight is one of the pillars of Beja Airport development,"says Luis Miguel Taborda, from the ANA Directorate of Strategy and Marketing. To meet this objective contact is made with Spanish airline Swiftair. A meeting is scheduled in February in Beja with businesses involved in the production of fruits, vegetable and flowers.

ANA meets local entrepreneurs at Beja Airport

The ANA team responsible for integrating the Beja airport into the Portuguese national airport network in Portugal met local entrepreneurs at Beja Airport. The meeting was about investing in industries not directly related to aviation, said Radio Pax Manuel Barroso.

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