Beja Airport News

Beja International Airport news in Alentejo - Portugal
Beja International Airport news in Alentejo - Portugal.

Beja airport first passengers in summer 2011

The initial certification phase of Beja Airport is completed. Adjustments are now being made in the military and civilian airport sections for the final civil airport certification expected in summer 2011 as announced by Jorge Pulido Valente to Radio Pax.

Read more about "Aeroporto de Beja poderá receber primeiros passageiros no próximo verão" on the Radio Pax website


Beja Airport alternative for extended airplane parking - Portugal

The possibility to park commercial airplanes at Beja Airport as an alternative to extended parking at the congested Portela Airport in Lisbon has been discussed by the ANA with the Portuguese Air Force. 

Possibly 3 new hangars at Beja Airport - Portugal

According to Leonel Horta Ribeiro, director of strategy and marketing of ANA, White Airways, MESA - Maintenance Engineering Services for Aircraft and EuroAtlantic Airways are the three companies interested in installing hangars at Beja Airport and with which the ANA will contractually "as soon as possible" and that negotiations may soon "reach a conclusion."

Charter flights from Beja Airport from march 2011

During the first Alentejo Tourism Congress in Beja city, Portugal, on Friday the 26th of March 2010, Horta Leonel Ribeiro, director of strategy and marketing of ANA, claimed;

"We're making great efforts to provide charter flight operations in the summer of 2011 by the International Air Transport Association running from March to October".

Portugal - First Alentejo Tourism Congress in Beja has started

The first Alentejo Tourism Congress in Portugal, has started on the 26th of March 2010, in the city of Beja in the heart of the Alentejo. Organized by Turismo do Alentejo, the Congress, has 850 registered participants with 35 speakers spread over six panels. The congress runs until Saturday, the 27th, in the Municipality Theatre Pax Julia.


Beja city in the Alentejo region in Portugal. 38° 0' 50.4612" N, 7° 51' 46.098" W

OGMA expresses interest in Beja Airport

ANA - Airports of Portugal invited all aircraft maintenance companies certified by the National Institute of Civil Aviation to submit proposals for investment in Beja Airport infrastructure.
Jorge Alvarez, head of the Beja Airport integration project at ANA, indicated that OGMA in Portugal already contacted ANA.

Beja Airport cargo opportunities discussed

At the meeting held yesterday organized in Beja by the ANA - Airports of Portugal - with entrepreneurs in the region, municipalities and other entities, it became clear that "the alternative to air freight at Beja airport only needs to be assessed after it's clear whether it is or not worth it. "

Beja Airport - Moment of opportunity

Pulido Valente, Mayor of Beja, took the opportunity last week, during a meeting organized by GADE, to stress that Beja is experiencing a unique "moment of opportunity".

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