First direct charter flight from UK to Beja Airport

British Midland International (BMI) plans to operate weekly direct flights from UK Heathrow to Beja Airport in Portugal from 22 May 2011.

The Embraer 49-seat plane will operate every Sunday and is the only direct flight route from the UK into the Alentejo region for now.

Beja International Airport in spring 2012 - charter flights from spring 2011.
Beja International Airport terminal in 2012 - Portugal. Read the latest Beja Airport News

The flight numbers and transit times for this new direct route are:

BD1234  Heathrow to Beja Airport  06:00 - 08:40

BD1235  Beja airport to Heathrow  09:40 - 12:30

The fair is expected to cost about € 230 for a return flight.

Read about Beja International Airport and the history of this former German military airport.

Nearest hotels are located in Beja city with many tourist  facilities.

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Beja International Airport in 2012

13th of April 2011 : First charter plane departs from Beja Airport

Voice of the planes : Aeroporto de Beja: Sunvil Discovery já vende passagens para Beja

Tour operator: Sunvill in the UK markets the BMI flights to Alentejo Airport (Beja Airport).

Flight operator: British Midland International (BMI)