Cap' Découverte - Coal Mine leisure park in France


Cap' Découverte - Coal Mine leisure park at le Garric - France 44° 0' 49.266" N, 2° 8' 15.216" E

Cap Decouverte Coal mine coal truck Cap' Découverte, well known in the area as a leisure park. In summer a buzzing recreation area where many spend their free time. In winter it's a bit desolate place with a rare find.


Coalmine truck at Cap' Découverte - le Garric in France

An old coalmine truck at Cap-Decouverte at le Garric in France

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Liebherr coalmine digger at Cap' Découverte

Liebherr digger at Cap-Decouverte Coalmine at le Garric in France

View from the top of Cap' Découverte

Cap Decouverte Coal mine leisure park in le Garric - France

Read all about this place at the website below:

Cap Decouverte leisure park website

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