About Geographical Encounters

Welcome to our experimental extension of our main travel site, with geographical mapped encounters by 3 overland travelers. We're on the road with a 4x4 truck since spring 2006.

We map interesting, odd, amazing and sometimes dull encounters during our travels. In short, anything we find worth sharing that doesn't fit the mold of our main travel site.

Our travel planning usually has a 1 - 2 month horizon - after many years on the road we stopped planning for much more. So we don't know where we will be in 3 or more months. Though our last location was here.

Mercedes Benz 1719A 4x4 truck in Winter 2011
Mercedes Benz 1719A 4x4 truck in Winter 2011

Stories are short with 1 or 2 pictures from the scene mapped with push-pin marker on Google Maps. The top story in news is usually our last published location, possibly with a short update from that region. Most of all this is an experiment to see if geo-mapping over wireless internet connections work.

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We use a Nokia N95 smart phone with GPS and wireless connectivity like WIFI and 2G / 3G. For each country local prepaid SIM cards with 2G / 3G Internet packages are used. When available we switch to WIFI or fixed DSL.

Nomadic-one 4x4 truck in Oman - Al Jissah beach near Muscat
Mercedes Benz 1017A In Oman on Al Jissah Beach near Muscat in 2008


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