Beja Visitor Directory in the Alentejo province in Portugal


Beja covered market place near the bus station. 38° 0' 42.0516" N, 7° 51' 32.8752" W

Hotels and pension in and around Beja - Alentejo - Portugal

Beja has quite a few hotels and pensions - below are the ones with websites. Also around Beja there's accommodation for those appreciating the serenity of Beja's golden plain.

Beja City in Alentejo Portugal - handmade woodwork

Hotels in Beja City

Pousada de Sao Fransico

Beja Parque Hotel

Hotel Residencial Melius

Hotel Francis

Residence Santa Barbara

Residencial Bejense

Pousada da Juventude

Hospedaria Rocha

Hotels outside Beja City

Clube de Campo Vlia Gale

Horta do Cano

Monte da Diabroria

Monte da Corte Ligeira

Herdade dos Grous

Supermarkets in Beja

Beja has 3 large supermarket chains located in close proximity at the southern ring road. The Coop is located in Beja city center. It has a parking lot, free spaces are rare.


Supermarket Continente
Supermarket Intermarche
Supermarket Lidl
Supermarket Coop in Beja center
MiniPreco in the Beja Municipality Market.

Get a taste of Alentejo wine?


Beja covered Market place

Beja has a covered market hall with fresh vegetables, meat and on Saturday fresh fish. It's located close to the bus station. See the google map for the location.

The Gypsy market is at Saturday (every 2 weeks) on the parking lot of the Beja Exhibition Center.

Beja Covered Market "Mercado Municipal de Beja" near the Beja bus station.
The Beja covered market "Mercado Municipal de Beja" near the Beja bus station.

Beja cell phone shops

Optimus has the best coverage for 3G prepaid PAYG internet in Portugal.

  Optimus in Supermarket Continente
Worten in Supermarket Continente
MTN in Beja city center
Vodafone in Beja city center
Phone House near Intermarche supermarket


Beja Computer supplies


Bitmatica computer supplies, repair and advice
Worten computer supplies in Supermarket Continente


Car, bicycle and general supplies


Bike Lab Beja - featuring Specialized mountainbikes
Roady - Car parts next to the Intermarche supermarket
Bricolage - Do It Yourself parts next to the Intermarche supermarket

Get a refill for your German Grey propane gas bottle?


Car Rental agencies in Beja

The Beja Parque Hotel has a car rental desk at the Hotel reception. It doesn't have a car depot so reserve a rental car in advance.  For addresses and telephone numbers see below:

Located in Alfa Romeo Dealership
    Rua do Fomento, 1


Located in the Beja Parque Hotel
Rua 1º Maio 1

Located in Beja International Airport
Read about renting a car in Beja


Public Transport in Alentejo

Beja has a large bus terminal near the Beja Market at the south end of Beja. The train station is at the west end of Beja.

Train transport

CP Passageiros

The trainstation in Beja in the Alentejo province Portugal
The trainstation in Beja

Beja Bus transport

Rodoviaria do Alentejo
Rede Nacional de Expressos 

The Bus Station "Gare Rodoviaria" in Beja in the Alentejo province Portugal
The Bus station in Beja - Gare Rodoviaria


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