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Beja in the Alentjeo province in Portugal 38° 0' 50.4612" N, 7° 51' 46.098" W

Beja city near Beja Airport in the Alentenjo Province - PortugalLocated in the south of Portugal, just above the Algarve region the new Beja International Airport is preparing for an international debut in spring 2011. With a 3,5 km long runway, large enough for big airplanes like the Boeing 747 and Airbus A340, Beja Airport unlocks the rural Alentejo region. Beja, the nearby rural town, located on the Golden Plain, looks at a more than promising future.

Opening of Beja International Airport

Beja International Airport is open from spring 2011. The first flights from London and Germany operated during the summer season of 2011.

Beja International Airport in spring 2012.
Beja International Airport terminal in spring 2012 - ready to go!

Beja International Airport has a 3,5 Km runway allowing airplanes like the Airbus A340 or the Boeing 747 to land. It’s expected the airport will outgrow the southern Faro airport which has a much shorter runway.

Location of Beja International Airport

Beja Airport is situated in the center of the Alentejo province above the Algarve region in Portugal. The Alentejo region is known for it’s tasty red wines, fortified historic towns and original Portuguese rural character. The area is a great get-a-way for everyone  looking for a quiet place to stay such as the Alqueva Reservoir lake nearby.

Already budget carriers are rumored to be in negotiation with airport authorities for a landing slot at Beja International Airport.

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Beja Airbase N11 - The new civil airport is at the south end of the runway

Beja City – Historic town in the Golden Plain

Beja is the principal town in the southern Alentejo region, known as Baixo Alentejo. In Roman Times Beja was known as Pax Julia. Under Moorish rule Beja became a taifa, an independent Muslim-ruled principality. From 1162 Beja was under Christian rule and a castle was build on roman ruins in the 13th century by King Dom Dinis, the sixth king of Portugal

Coat of Arms of the town Beja in Alentejo Portugal. Beja city near Beja Airport in the Alentenjo Province - Portugal
Beja Castle overlooks the area known as Planície Dourada or golden plain.

In summertime Beja is surrounded by an endless sea of wheat fields, the Golden Plain or Planície Dourada. The town is welcoming and untouristed and a genuine Portuguese experience. The tourist office in the court yard of the town castle with it’s 42m high 13th century Torre de Menagam has multi-lingual flyers of the town and the region.

Where to stay in Beja in the Alentejo province

Beja City has a wealth of places to stay with undoubtedly the the 13th century  Pousada de Sao Fransico Hotel as the historic gem. Next to this top-end Hotel with very reasonable prices, Beja has medium and budget hotels and pensions also. Here’s an impression of where to stay in Beja.

Hotels in Beja

Pousada de Sao Fransico

Beja Parque Hotel

Hotel Residencial Melius

Hotel Francis

Residence Santa Barbara

Residencial Bejense

Pousada da Juventude

Hospedaria Rocha

Hotels around Beja

Clube de Campo Vlia Gale

Horta do Cano

Monte da Diabroria

Monte da Corte Ligeira

Herdade dos Grous

Hotels in Beja with website in the Alentejo province - Portugal

Also the budget campsite in Beja is a perfect location for visiting Beja – it’s located on walking distance from:

More about Beja in the Beja Visitor Directory.

History of the Beja International Airport

Beja in Alentejo has a recent international relation with Germany. The town municipality hosted the German Military airport from 1964 upto the early 1990’s, known as Beja Air Base, Base Aérea Nº 11, BA11.

In the cold war era the Beja air base was out of soviet block missile reach, making it a strategic location. For the Portuguese Air Force it was an opportunity to establish a southern military Air Base.

For the German Airforce, Beja Airbase was primarily used for training purposes. In present time the military airport is the prime training center for the Portuguese Air Force. For the future Beja International Airport will serve as civilian as well as a military airport, as it’s also the case in Lisabon.

More about Beja Airport History from 1960 and onwards.

40 mins from Beja Airport : Luxury Golf resort Roncão d'el Rei at the Alqueva lake

Here's a 2012  impression of Beja International Airport.

New in 2012  - Ryanair is not flying on Beja Airport

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