Google Earth Map update notifications

Google Earth Map Update Notifications

Google Earth is a great travel tool for exploring routes and regions using satellite imagery. Recently Google released a notification tool for tracking Google Earth map updates. Have a look;

Google Map update notifications – Follow Your World

The new map update notification tool is called “Follow Your World”;

Google map update notification tool Follow Your World
Google Follow Your World map update notification tool

You can track a point of interest and receive an e-mail when Google Earth satellite images at this location are updated.

Follow Your World Dashboard

The dashboard shows all Google Earth locations being tracked;

Follow Your World Dashboard - points of interest tracking
Google Follow Your World Dashboard - Points of Interest

and when there’s an update, you receive an e-mail from

Google map update e-mail from Follow Your World
E-mail from Google Follow Your World - Point of Interest - Imagery Updated!

Here’s the link;

Google Follow Your World Map Update notification tool