First charter flight departs from Beja Airport

The first commercial charter flight departed from Beja Airport with destination Cape Verde this week. Read about this exceptional international flight among certification activities at the airport.

First ever Beja Airport charter flight

Granted with special permission the Boeing 757-200ER belonging to Cabo Verde Airlines took off on 13th of April 2011 for the international destination -  Cape Verde -  carrying 67 passengers. 27 were tourists, the remaining passengers dignitaries and businessmen. 

Sponsored by the Town of Kirkwood, the flight is the starting point of a  8 day journey, returning on the 20th at Beja Airport. The flight marks the twinning of the City of St. Philip and the Alentejo region.

Crash simulations at Beja Airport

During the same week of 11 april 2011 - Beja Airport was the scene of a crash simulation involving a A-310 aircraft carrying a crew of 25 and three passengers.

The crash simulation was coordinated by ANA and the Portuguese Air Force. 


Regular charter flights from the UK to Beja Airport are also planned


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