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Do not step on the Fire Extinguisher

Don't step on the fire extinguisher

What happens when you accidentally step on the fire extinguisher? It gets steaming mad - have a look.



Airport Bitburg - Commercial zone at former NATO airbase

Bitburg Airport and commercial zone - your business in a concrete fortified jet-fighter bunkerBitburg – in the German province Rheinland-Pfalz - had a front-line position in the cold war. It used to be the home of the NATO with the United States Air Force's 36th Fighter Wing. Since 1994 the military airbase is converted into a commercial zone. That is, with the concrete fortified bunkers for fighters jets as commercial space.


Bitburg Airport and commercial zone - 49° 56' 43.0008" N, 6° 33' 54" E

Luxembourg - cheap fuel, petrol, diesel, gasoline in Northern Europe

Cheap fuel petrol diesel gasoline Aire de Berchem LuxembourgLuxembourg is the place in Northern Europe to fill your tank with cheaper fuel. With an average price difference of 10 eurocents / liter with surrounding countries, Luxembourg highway petrol stations are very popular. Have a look at Berghem Petrol station, the most popular  in Luxembourg;


Highway petrol station - Aire de Berchem - Luxembourg
49° 32' 30.5304" N, 6° 7' 5.0808" E

Truck junk yards in Europe

European Truck junk yards

Those looking for parts for their overland truck sometimes turn to junk yards to find used parts.

Off road truck tires and rims

Of road truck tires and rims

During 6 years of overland travel with a Mercedes 1017A we experienced the on and off road quality of Michelin XZY-2 truck tires. With our 1719A – we vote for Michelin truck tires – this time with a much higher load range. Here’s the story.


Mercedes Benz 1017A overland truck

Mercedes Benz 1017A overland truck for sale

After several adventurous years our Mercedes Benz 1017A 4x4 overland truck is sold at the 3rd of December 2011. An impression of a spacious home built for full time travel and living.


VW Transporter T3 Timing belt change

Volkswagen Transporter T3 timing belt change

Impression of a VW Transporter T3 Timing belt change with a few problems along the way. A DIY task for those with a bit of time and a few tools.


Reliable travelers clinic medicine book

Reliable travelers clinic medicine book

Outside the western world many medicines are available without a doctors prescription – meaning you’re more on your own when it comes to buying medicines at a local pharmacy. Here’s a reliable and well known book about medicines and their use for the seasoned traveler.


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