Huge reservoir lake in Alentejo Portugal


Alqueva lake reservoir in Alentejo - Portugal. 38° 13' 9.9696" N, 7° 29' 35.5884" W
Huge reservoir lake in Alentejo Portugal

Since 2010 Portugal has the largest artificial lake in Europe - the Alqueva reservoir. The huge lake was created in 2002 and reached it’s maximum level in 2010. Besides its use for irrigation and electricity production this 83 Km long lake is located in a very nice region – The Alentejo. Have a look.

Alqueva reservoir lake and dam

The Alqueva reservoir lake is located underneath the the Tagus river (Tejo, Taag, Tage, Tajo) near the Alentejo cities Alvero, Beja and Portel.  It’s a few hours drive from Lisbon, Faro or Seville in Spain. The nearest airport is the new Beja International Airport which is open since 2011.

Alqueva reservoir lake in the Alentejo in Portugal
The Alqueva reservoir lake in the Alentejo region in Portugal - the biggest in Europe

The Alueva dam project is huge creating a lake of 250 Km2 surface with a volume if 4.5 Km3 water from the longest river on the Iberian peninsula the Guadiana River. 
Alqueva reservoir lake map
Alqueva reservoir lake map - 83 Km long

The area around the lake is a Portuguese Nature reserve and a great place to be. In winter 2010 and 2012 we’ve spend several days around the lake – the complete silence in the evenings and night is remarkable with stunning views over the lake during the day.

Fishing at the Alqueva lake

The Alqueva lake has a huge fishing potential for carp, barbel, catfish, pike and black bass in Europe. It’s expected it will reach the fishing fame similar to the Morocco’s Bin el Ouidane lake near Marrakech.

Fishing Carp Barbel Catfish Pike Black Bass in the Alqueva reservoir lake in the Alentejo in Portugal
The Alqueva reservoir lake in the Alentejo region in Portugal - fishing paradise

With a shoreline in excess of 1200 kilometers, easily accessible from many sides its a superb fishing spot. The lake has several marina’s with boat ramps for those who like to fish from open water.

Navigate your Yacht at the lake

The Amieira Marina near the dam rents all sorts of boats for those who wish to cruise the 83 Km long lake. Unique are a range of rental yachts with full accommodation from 2 up to 10 people – to spend several nights in your private hotel on the lake. The boats are fully equipped with kitchen, bedrooms and enough water and diesel for an autonomous stay on the lake.  You will be your own captain throughout the full rental period.

Rent a Yacht to cruise the Alqueva reservoir lake in the Alentejo in Portugal
Cruise the Alqueva reservoir lake by rental Yacht for several days - 83 Km long

The Amiera Marina rents other boats too for smaller trips around the lake.

Park your motorhome at the lake

Although camping on the shores of the lake is forbidden, parking a motorhome, RV or campervan at any of the official parking areas is generally ok.

Parking your motorhome, campervan, RV at the Alqueva reservoir lake in the Alentejo in Portugal
Parking your motorhome at the Alqueva reservoir lake in the Alentejo region in Portugal

There are several official parking spots around the lake permitting a stay upto 72 hours. Locations can be downloaded from

Nearby there's a Ostrich Farm with a cafe - restaurant called Mundo Royal. It's located on the road between Portel and Alqueva village, just 6 Km from the Alqueva Dam.

Jave a look at the enormity of the lake from the nearby Campinho ultralight airfield.

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