Luxembourg - cheap fuel, petrol, diesel, gasoline in Northern Europe


Highway petrol station - Aire de Berchem - Luxembourg
49° 32' 30.5304" N, 6° 7' 5.0808" E

Cheap fuel petrol diesel gasoline Aire de Berchem LuxembourgLuxembourg is the place in Northern Europe to fill your tank with cheaper fuel. With an average price difference of 10 eurocents / liter with surrounding countries, Luxembourg highway petrol stations are very popular. Have a look at Berghem Petrol station, the most popular  in Luxembourg;

Cheaper diesel and petrol in Luxembourg

Petrol in Luxembourg is sold at the lowest prices available in Northern Europe.

Cheap fuel petrol diesel gasoline at Aire de Berchem in Luxembourg
ARAL petrol station at Berchem - Luxembourg

Although not updated daily, Luxembourg fuel prices are listed at several sites:


IRU fuel prices - International Road Transport Union (registering required)

ACL fuel prices - Automobile Club du Grand-Duché Luxembourg

Fuel prices - International Fuel Prices (private reports)

For comparison, regional fuel prices in France are listed on this government run website:

French fuel prices - Prix des carburants en France, site gouvernemental


A few examples of Diesel at Aral Petrol station Berchem in Luxembourg;

December 2009 : € 0,80 / liter.
January 2012 : € 1,28 / liter

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In April 2010 the Spanish Enclave Ceuta sold diesel for € 0.92 / liter. In July 2010 diesel in Morocco is sold at € 0.60 - 0.70 / liter. In the south of Morocco diesel prices drop to € 0.50 / liter.

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Petrol station D'Aire de Berchem - Luxembourg

Petrol station D'Aire de Berchem on the A3/E25/E29 highway has 2 petrol station with the largest turn-over in Europe. The ARAL station is for traffic towards France, the Shell station is for those coming from France.

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Shell sold about 200 million liters in 2004 at D'Aire de Berchem only. 80% of this huge volume is diesel - sold to truckers. ARAL reports an average monthly sale in 2008 of 9 million liters at D'Aire de Berchem only.

Driving your diesel car / truck on vegetable cooking oil

LKW / Caminion / Truck stop to fill-up diesel / gazole Aire de Berchem Luxembourg
Cheaper Diesel at Aral Petrol station Berchem in Luxembourg

Life at Service station D'Aire de Berchem

The Samsa Film company in Luxembourg created a 2007 documentary about daily life at D'Aire de Berchem. The documentary "Plein d'essence" tries to highlight both the differences and similarities in behavior of the transiting population.  Plein d'essence was submitted at film festivals in London, Turin, Rotterdam, Saint-Tropez, Varsovie and Saint-Jacques de Compostelle.

The location of D'Aire de Berchem in Luxembourg is mapped below.

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