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Clutch cylinder broken

Mercedes Benz Clutch pedal oil leak

Overland travel comes with the occasional mechanical problem. Here’s the story of a Mercedes Benz clutch cylinder with a sudden oil leak – meaning no clutch.


Antique railway station scale

Antique railway station platform scale

Portugal still has many abandoned old buildings in rural regions. Here’s an example of a sudden find – have a look;


Datsun pickup truck, oldtimer

Datsun pickup truck, oldtimer

Portugal still has quite a few oldtimer cars in daily use. Here is a typical Portuguese pickup truck – a Datsun 620 1970’s pickup truck. Have a look;


Car rental in Portugal

Car rental in Portugal - VW Polo 1.2 petrol

In May 2012 we needed a car again for a short time – so we rented one. This time a VW Polo 1.2 model 2012 with a petrol engine. Here’s an impression of the rental car and the  price for 2 weeks in spring 2012.


Google Earth Map update notifications

Google Earth Map Update Notifications

Google Earth is a great travel tool for exploring routes and regions using satellite imagery. Recently Google released a notification tool for tracking Google Earth map updates. Have a look;

Sunbeam Police Motorcycle in Portugal

Sunbeam police motorcycle in Portugal

A nice old-timer Sunbeam motorcycle was at display by the Portuguese Republican Guard (GNR) on the OVIBEJA cultural festival held each year. This original was used to patrol the roads, have a look;



Exhibition center Beja 38° 0' 17.568" N, 7° 51' 27.288" W

Zero-Carbon Translator on a bicycle

Zero-Carbon Translator on a bike

Imagine riding your bicycle from Morocco to Japan – that’s what Ignacio Duran is doing. Coming from Morocco and 4100+ Km further - Ignacio is now on his way to France. Have a look;



Beja in Portugal 38° 0' 56.2464" N, 7° 51' 54.846" W

Twitter Satellite Phone GPS locations with Thuraya

Thuraya Satellite phone tweets to Twitter

Thuraya recently launched a Twitter service for those with a Thuraya Satellite phone. Here’s a test of the Thuraya Twitter service with a Hughes HNS-7100 satellite phone. And it works great, have a look at the details;


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