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Granja Amareleja Portuguese Wine

Granja Amareleja Portuguese Wine

Granja Amareleja is a Portuguese wine from Mourão in the southern Alentejo province.  A region known for its hot and arid climate - giving the Granja Amareleja wine it's destinct taste. Have a look;




Mourão Municipality - Portugal 38° 23' 5.37" N, 7° 20' 47.76" W

Olive oil from Moura, Alentejo Portugal

Olive oil from Moura, Aletejo, Portugal

The Alentejo region in Portugal is known for it’s many red wines. Less known is Portuguese olive oil. An old Portuguese saying “as thin as the oil from Moura” goes far back into history. Moura - now near the largest reservoir lake in Europe - is still well known for it’s exceptional olive oil.



Moura in Portugal 38° 8' 38.9076" N, 7° 26' 57.9588" W

Popular Portuguese food, dried cod fish, Bacalhau

Popular Portuguese food, dried cod fish, Bacalhau

Visit an average Portuguese supermarket and you’ll find the popular Portuguese Bacalhau – the dried cod fish. For those unfamiliar with this seafood, the displays of white salted flat fish - stacked high in many layers - looks rather strange.


Moroccan argan oil traders

Moroccan argan oil traders

Argan oil has it’s primary origins in the south-west of Morocco from relatively small region between Agadir and Essaouira. Over the past years the internet got stuffed with argan oil resellers. In Morocco it’s practically the same - Argan oil is sold allover Morocco. But  a few trade names and brands keep coming back – an impression where culinary argan oil comes from.

The Sandwich of Pain

Bread that hurts real bad

While crossing France for our 2012 southern tour - we always like to have some French bread. This time we just couldn't resist - image having this standing on your breakfast table. Your day begins with pain.


Essential volkswagen spare parts

essential volkswagen spare parts

Those who travel know what's important on their journey. Volkswagen in Wolfsburg - Germany produces essential travel gear for the die-hard adventurist - a must have on long and far-away journeys.



Volkswagen Wolfsburg - Germany 52° 25' 46.6176" N, 10° 44' 16.1772" E

Traditional organic argan oil in Morocco

Traditional organic argan oil in Morocco.

The area between Marrakech, Essaouira and Agadir in Morocco is known for it’s Argan trees. Not surprisingly, the area is littered with small Argan oil factories, which are traditionally run by Moroccan women. Here’s a bit about how argan oil - the traditional way – all very bio or organic.


Argan Afous near Essaouira in Morocco. 31° 31' 57.6012" N, 9° 35' 35.7936" W

Marrakech open-air barbeque at central square, Morocco

Marrakech open-air barbeque at central square

It’s a somewhat bewildering but absolutely unique experience, the makeshift open-air barbecue food-stalls at Djemaa-el-Fna square in Marrakech. Every evening a part of the large central square is turned into one big barbecue frenzy. An absolute must see.


Djemaa-el-Fna central square in Marrakech, Morocco. 31° 37' 32.7684" N, 7° 59' 23.1144" W
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