Beja Airport cargo opportunities discussed

At the meeting held yesterday organized in Beja by the ANA - Airports of Portugal - with entrepreneurs in the region, municipalities and other entities, it became clear that "the alternative to air freight at Beja airport only needs to be assessed after it's clear whether it is or not worth it. "

It was however, an indication that "air freight can only work if there are imports and exports". This was suggested by Joseph Lamb, a specialist in air cargo, and Luis Miguel Taborda, Director of Strategy and Marketing at ANA.

Luis Miguel Taborda said "the ANA - Airports of Portugal considers air freight to be a possibility for the Alentejo by exploitation of niche markets." He explained further that "the ANA decided not to bring any company connected with this line of business at the meeting yesterday, because right now there is nothing concrete to offer to anyone engaged in this activity".

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