Possibly 3 new hangars at Beja Airport - Portugal

According to Leonel Horta Ribeiro, director of strategy and marketing of ANA, White Airways, MESA - Maintenance Engineering Services for Aircraft and EuroAtlantic Airways are the three companies interested in installing hangars at Beja Airport and with which the ANA will contractually "as soon as possible" and that negotiations may soon "reach a conclusion."

The chairman of White Airways, José Miguel Costa, revealed that the company has a project to build an aircraft maintenance hangar at Beja airport, an investment of about € 5.5 million. "If everything goes as planned, the construction of the hangar, which will create" 55 jobs ", scheduled to start in 2011.

Previously, the OGMA, a specialist aviation company in Portugal, also expressed interest for operating at Beja Airport.

The new Beja Airport is located in the hearth of the Alentejo region in Portugal and is expected to operate charter flights from march 2011.

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