Charter flights from Beja Airport from march 2011

During the first Alentejo Tourism Congress in Beja city, Portugal, on Friday the 26th of March 2010, Horta Leonel Ribeiro, director of strategy and marketing of ANA, claimed;

"We're making great efforts to provide charter flight operations in the summer of 2011 by the International Air Transport Association running from March to October".

The comment was made on the sidelines of the tourism development discussion panel about Beja Airport on Friday afternoon.

Now - more than 1 year later - the first charter flight left Beja Airport in April 2011.

In 2012 there are several new developments at Beja Airport - good and bad. Have a look.



Read about it in The Expresso - in the article "Aviação: Aeroporto de Beja deverá começar a operar voos charter a partir de março de 2011 - ANA".