Diesel and Cooking oil driving

Diesel and Cooking oil driving

2012 is a year of a steep fuel price rises – the average European fuel price has gone up at least 13 % since the start of 2012. For those driving (older) diesel cars, alternative fuels come within reach (again) - a deja vue.  An example of vegetable oil from the supermarket.


Cooking oil versus diesel in Portugal

An average cooking oil / vegetable oil promotion versus diesel in Portugal in march 2012;

Vegetable cooking oil price in march 2012 - Portugal Diesel price in march 2012 - Portugal
Cooking - Vegetable oil in Portugal. (SVO)

That's US$ 1.80 / liter or US$ 6.80 per US Gallon for vegetable / cooking oil.

According to the manufacturer, vegetable cooking oil is a mix of various vegetable seeds. (Sunflower, corn, peanut, soja etc)

These retail prices include packaging and transport – meaning on a wholesale level the vegetable oil price (SVO) drops significantly. (SVO = Straight Vegetable Oil)

It's a deja vue from the early 90's when SVO / PPO fuels first gained popularity.

Driving on cooking oil

The most common question; Will driving on cooking oil damage my diesel engine? There are a lot answers available; The most common answer; The older diesel engine does better on vegetable / cooking oil, so it depends.

Relatively simple conversion kits to make diesel cars run on SVO / PPO vegetable oils are available for many years already, but not all diesel engines are suitable for it.

You'll get 10% less fuel economy from driving on cooking oil - compared to commercial available diesel fuel. Here's a road test;

Read all about it here;

Vegetable - Cooking oil fuel as diesel

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