Moroccan argan oil traders

Moroccan argan oil traders

Argan oil has it’s primary origins in the south-west of Morocco from relatively small region between Agadir and Essaouira. Over the past years the internet got stuffed with argan oil resellers. In Morocco it’s practically the same - Argan oil is sold allover Morocco. But  a few trade names and brands keep coming back – an impression where culinary argan oil comes from.

In this article;

1) Morrocan Argan oil region

2) Moroccan Argan Oil retailers and wholesale traders

3) Other primary Moroccan trades


Moroccan Argan Oil

The Moroccan Argan oil scene has all the signs of classic Arabic trading. It’s mystified and mainly unregulated, a free market with many players, prices and differences in Argan Oil quality.

Among Argan Trees in Morocco
Parked among Argan trees in Morocco

But there’s one commonality– the argan tree grows in a relatively small region in Morocco with the coastal cities Agadir and Essaouira as the main trading hubs.

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The Moroccan region where the Argan tree grows is an UNESCO Biosphere reserve

Except for a small area in Algeria, there’s no other source of Argan oil worldwide.

Moroccan Argan Oil traders - Culinary and Cosmetic

Because of the Argan Tree being endemic in Morocco only - the Argan oil trade is a primarily  Moroccan based industry.

Here’s a selection of Moroccan Argan oil producers trading in and outside Morocco for larger quantities of culinary and cosmetic Argan Oil. Some have their own local brand, others mainly trade unbranded Argan Oil and a few have a foreign branch or foreign points of sale.

Argan oil retailers and wholesale traders in Morocco 

Primary Trade name Secondary Trade name Remark
Moroccan argan oil Sidi Yassine in Essaouira
Sidi Yassine in Essaouira
  Sidi Yassine has points of sale in Switzerland as well as in Essaouira Morocco.
Moroccan argan oil Marogania in Agadir
Marogania in Agadir
Olvea sells Moroccan Marogania Argan oil in Saint Léonard - France
Olvea in France
Marogania produces Argan oil for the France based company Olvea in Saint Léonard
Moroccan argan oil Vima Souss in Agadir
Vima Souss in Agadir
  Tiwarga is the brand of Vima Souss
Morrocan argan oil Malak Bio in Agadir
Malak Bio in Agadir
Natubelle is the brand of Malak Bio
Moroccan argan oil Amorre in tiznit
Amorre in Tiznit
  Amorre is located in Tiznit - the retail website is the traders website too.
Moroccan argan oil Agramine in Agadir
Argamine in Agadir
Argamine is the brand name sold in Morocco
Moroccan argan oil bioadorates in Agadir
BioAdorates Agadir
  BioAdorates has no retail website.
Moroccan Argan oil from ZineGlob - Argane Achifae in Agadir
Zineglob in Agadir
BioArgane is the wholesale business of Zineglob in Agadir
BioArgane in Agadir

Zineglob in Agadir has a retail and traders website with the brand Argane Achifae

Moroccan argan oil Mabioma agadir
Mabioma Agadir
  Mabioma operates as exporter.

Chances are that argan oil found outside Morocco was supplied by one of the above Moroccan Argan oil traders.

Other primary Moroccan trades

- Ceramic Pottery store and factory in Fes

- Tiznit, traditional berber jewelry town

- Moroccan handicraft center in Marrakech