Olive oil from Moura, Alentejo Portugal


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Olive oil from Moura, Aletejo, Portugal

The Alentejo region in Portugal is known for it’s many red wines. Less known is Portuguese olive oil. An old Portuguese saying “as thin as the oil from Moura” goes far back into history. Moura - now near the largest reservoir lake in Europe - is still well known for it’s exceptional olive oil.


Virgin olive oil – Azeite de Moura

Virgin olive oil from Moura has local fame in Portugal – it’s found in many supermarkets in Portugal;

Virgin olive oil from Moura in the alentejo Portugal known as Azeite de Moura
Virgin olive oil from Moura - Azeite de Moura
5 liters for € 16,99

On the back of the bottle -  the Portuguese saying “Tão fino como o azeite de Moura” – meaning “As fine as the oil from Moura”

Virgin olive oil from Moura - Azeite de Moura from Portugal
Virgin olive oil from Moura - Azeite de Moura

The earliest mention of the oil from Moura comes from a letter by D. Duarte from Beja in July 1436 . He wrote about the steady growth of Olive oil production in the region of Moura and Portel.

In the 17th century the Portuguese olive oil from Moura was exported to Flanders (Belgium), Alemania (Germany),  and Castilla Vieja, Leon, Galicia (Spain).

The region is still known for its good olive trees -  the many small olive oil factories in Moura have been replaced by large industrial agricultural corporations .

Also very popular in Portugal - Bacalhau - dried cod fish.

Azeite de Moura Virgem from Cooporotiva Agricola Moura Barrancos
Virgin olive oil from Moura - Azeite de Moura

Nowadays – olive oil from Moura is bottled for different brands.

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