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Wine industry in Morocco, vin du Maroc

Impression of the Moroccan wine industry, Vin du Maroc.

Morocco has a growing domestic wine industry – which is remarkable for a predominant Islamic country. Wine is sold – without restrictions – in the bigger supermarket chains like Marjane, Metro and Carrefour. It’s a first seeing this on our journey. Here’s a glance of Morocco’s wine industry.



Marjane supermarket in Tetouan - Morocco. 35° 36' 7.3836" N, 5° 20' 4.488" W

Alentejo wine in Portugal

The average selection of Alentejo wines in Continente supermarket in Beja - Portugal

Anyone who stays for some time in the Alentejo region in Portugal will notice the exceptional large selection of regional Alentejo wines in Portuguese supermarkets. The large selection is no surprise after having tasted Portuguese Alentejo wines, the taste is remarkable and makes a lasting impression. Here's a bit about the Alentejo wine market with a personal favorite.


Continente supermarket in Beja city in the Alentejo - Portugal. 38° 0' 21.5208" N, 7° 52' 12.2052" W

Beja Visitor Directory in the Alentejo province in Portugal

Hotels and pension in and around Beja - Alentejo - Portugal

Beja has quite a few hotels and pensions - below are the ones with websites. Also around Beja there's accommodation for those appreciating the serenity of Beja's golden plain.


Beja covered market place near the bus station. 38° 0' 42.0516" N, 7° 51' 32.8752" W

Amazing local market in Santiago de Compostela the Praza de Abastos

Chicken at market Praza de abastos in Santiago de Compostela in Galicia - SpainA must see for every-one visiting Santiago de Compostela, the local market - Mercado de Abastos - at Praza de Abastos. This bustling market breathes local culture and customs. Same as for the starting point of the famous pilgrims trail - the GR65 - Santiago de Compostela has a remarkable local cheese as well - Titty Cheese!





Mercado de Abastos - Santiago de Compostela - Galicia - Spain 42° 52' 47.9064" N, 8° 32' 28.428" W

Saturday market at Place du Plot - Le Puy en Velay - France

Fromage Bleu de St-Jean Lachamp at Place du Plot in Le Puy en VelayLe Puy en Velay - France - is located at the floor of an ancient volcano. With rich volcanic grounds, food is an important part of local culture in Le Puy. And so does the Saturday food market where buyers and sellers from the region meet at Place du Plot. But Place du Plot has international fame too.


Place du Plot - Le Puy en Velay 45° 2' 36.0456" N, 3° 52' 57.324" E

Le Pertuis - Travel hub at an ancient volcano

Via Ferrata des Juscles in Le Pertuis - Haute-LoireLe Pertuis is a small village (1036m) on the edge of an ancient volcano in the the Auverge - Haute Loire in France. Situated at the Route National N88, Le Pertuis connects Le Puy en Velay with Saint Etienne - Lyon. The place is a well known place in the French transport sector, but not only that.


Le Pertuis Parking - Haute Loire - France 45° 5' 45.474" N, 4° 3' 36.576" E
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