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essential volkswagen spare parts

Those who travel know what's important on their journey. Volkswagen in Wolfsburg - Germany produces essential travel gear for the die-hard adventurist - a must have on long and far-away journeys.


Volkswagen original spare parts

Impossible to leave without on long and far away journeys:

Original Volkswagen spare part - Curry Buckwurst
Original Volkswagen Spare part - CurryBockWurst!!!

Original Volkswagen spare part - essential to the dia-hard traveler
Original Volkswagen Spare part - Currybockwurst - Curry sausage - made by Volkswagen

Original Volkswagen lube

A travel pack is only complete when it has the original Volkswagen lube:

Original Volkswagen lubrication - Curry Ketchup
Original Volkswagen lubrication - Curry Ketchup made by Volkswagen

 Although the organic - bio - green version has yet to arrive, Volkswagen wouldn't be Volkswagen when originals spare parts aren't specified in great detail:

Original Volkswagen spare part - specified in great detail
Original Volkswagen Spare part - CurryBockWurst in detail

 These Volkswagen spare parts might also fit in non-volkswagen travel packs.

History of the Volkswagen Currybockwurst

For many years Tuesday is Currybockwurst day at the VW factory in Wolfsburg - Germany. VW tradition is to eat this VW Original Spare Part at 7am during breakfast time.

From 1938 the VW sausage is made in the kitchen of the VW factory. From 1973 it became a curry sausage - known as the CurryBockWurst. Since the BSE schandal in 1999, any traces of Beef are eradicated from the original this Original Volkswagen Spare Part recipe. 

Original Volkswagen Sausage spare part on display at the Berlin Curry Sausage Museum
Original Volkswagen Spare part on display at Sausage Museum in Berlin

Nowadays the curry meat mix is produced by the Raps factory and processed into the CurryBockWurst at the kitchen of the VW factory in Wolfsburg. In 2008 a whopping amount of 3.5 million original VW spare parts came from this very kitchen. 1.6 million sausages where consumed by about 90.000 VW workers worldwide. The rest was shipped to Edeka and Porsche in Leipzig. Edeka is a well known supermarket chain in Germany which has the original Volkswagen spare parts in stock.

The Curry Sausage Museum in Berlin has original VW spare parts on display - and undoubtedly to have a go at the only VW spare part produced for consumption.

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Volkswagen Currybockwurst information

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