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Greek Lighthouse on Cape 1000 miles

Greek lighthouse on cape 1000 miles

Greece has a lot of shoreline – lighthouses are found everywhere along the coast. Here’s an example of a neat little lighthouse on a cape with peculiar name – 1000 Miles – or “Chiliomili”.  It’s built in 1890 and located in the Skarfeia region in Central Greece, have a look.


Anteros Lighthouse on Cape 1000 miles 38° 51' 5.418" N, 22° 41' 47.5512" E

Truck radiator leaking coolant fluid

Truck radiator leaking coolant fluid

It’s not very surprising to find a leaking radiator in old ’70 / ‘80’s trucks. Older radiators have soldered joints making them vulnerable to small coolant leaks over time. As it’s the case for our 1719AK truck from ’74. Here’s the story to get a leaking radiator fixed.

Battery charger in expedition truck

Battery charger in expedition truck

Impression of the battery charger in our 1719 Mercedes truck. It can deal with a fair amount of electrical abuse and messy AC mains grids – far away from stable electricity grids in the western world. 


Ferry to Greece from Italy, Ancona

Ferry to Greece from Ancona - Italy

Going to Greece by ferry from Italy is extremely popular among Europeans.


Ancona Ferries Terminal in Ancona, Italy
43° 36' 46.0512" N, 13° 30' 0.1836" E

Portuguese tile work, train station Azulejo

Portuguese Azulejo Tile work at train station

Azulejo – the name for Portuguese tile work – is seen at many public buildings in Portugal. Here’s an example of fine tile work art at an abandoned train station in the south of Portugal. Have a look;


Car rental in Portugal

Car rental in Portugal - VW Polo 1.2 petrol

In May 2012 we needed a car again for a short time – so we rented one. This time a VW Polo 1.2 model 2012 with a petrol engine. Here’s an impression of the rental car and the  price for 2 weeks in spring 2012.


Zero-Carbon Translator on a bicycle

Zero-Carbon Translator on a bike

Imagine riding your bicycle from Morocco to Japan – that’s what Ignacio Duran is doing. Coming from Morocco and 4100+ Km further - Ignacio is now on his way to France. Have a look;



Beja in Portugal 38° 0' 56.2464" N, 7° 51' 54.846" W

Diesel and Petrol prices online in Portugal

Diesel and Petrol prices online in Portugal

Portugal is known for it’s rather high fuel tax within the European Union. Fuel prices are high but a remarkable government initiative makes it possible to get a better deal. The daily fuel price at every petrol station in Portugal is published online since 2009. Have a look;


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