Impressions from Spain - overland by 4x4 truck
Impressions from Spain - overland by 4x4 truck

Iberdrola, Energy giant in Spain

The sign to the recreation area at the Guadalcacin reservoir.

It’s hard to miss when driving down south from Seville to Gibraltar. The renewable energy projects created by Iberdrola – The Spanish energy giant – are everywhere. The Andalusia - Cadiz part of Spain must be a favorable location. And not only that, there’s more that dominates the landscape.



Guadalcacin dam near the Iberdrola power plant. 36° 40' 5.5632" N, 5° 47' 12.48" W

Deserted stylish house in Andalucia, Spain

Deserted stylish house in Andalusia, Spain.

An unusual encounter with a deserted and classy house in Andalusia in Spain. No sign, no name, nothing. Deserted and in considerable decline but still standing. It’s located near the Tempul spring at the Guadalcacin reservoir near Arcos de la Frontera. Have a look.



Deserted stylish house in Andalusia, Spain. 36° 38' 15.6588" N, 5° 40' 31.7064" W

The Red Hill at Minas de Riotinto in Andalusia, Spain

The Red Hill at Rio Tinto in Andelusia, Spain.

The landscape is totally surreal - mining activities at Minas de Riotinto created huge pits and odd shaped hills in the metal rich soil in Andalusia, Spain. The area can be visited though mining still continues at nearby Nerva by the Rio Tinto company.



The Red Hill - Cerro Colorado by the Rio Tinto Mining company. 37° 42' 18.0396" N, 6° 35' 7.8612" W

Villsom campsite near Seville, Andalusia in Spain

Vilsom camping with WIFI hotspot near Seville, Andalusia in Spain

For those visiting Seville – in Andalusia in Spain with their mobile home / RV / Campervan there’s Villsom camping in Dos Hermanas south of Seville. It’s a very popular place to park for a few days, but not only that. Stocking up supplies from here is quite easy before heading down south. Although it seems it's the only camping near Seville, there's a few places more. An impression of Villsom camping and alternatives.



Villsom campsite near Seville in Dos Hermanas. 37° 16' 40.0008" N, 5° 56' 12.9984" W

Almonaster La Real : gem in the Sierra de Aracena in Spain

Almonaster La Real in the Siera-de-Aracena in Huelva-Andalucia in Spain

It usually takes just one look to notice a place has something special. Almonaster La Real in the Sierra de Aracena in Spain is such a place. The village has an old mosque on top of a rock overlooking the whole area. Almonaster La Real is a 1,5 hour drive away from Seville in Andalusia and is a good starting point to explore the area by foot over well marked trails.


Parking in Almonaster La Real in the Siera de Aracena. 37° 52' 12.36" N, 6° 46' 59.304" W

Spanish and portuguese gas bottle system

The Spanish Portuguese Moroccan propane gas bottle bayonet system from repsol.

For those who travel it's an all too familiar subject - how to refill your propane, butane gas-bottle for cooking, heating and cooling. So far after 4 years the German type "grey" 13.5 Kg gas-bottle seems to best solution for many destination. In all countries it was pretty easy to get a refill of a German type gas bottle - till we arrived in Spain and Portugal. Here's the story how to adapt to the Iberian gas bottle system.


Repsol store in Beja selling gas bottle and bayonet adapters. 38° 0' 22.86" N, 7° 51' 54.576" W

Historic Baiona in Pontevedra, Galicia in Spain

Memorial of Hermida de Santa Marta Destroyed by Pirate Drake in Baiona, Galicia in SpainBaiona is a seaside town in the north of Spain close to Portugal. It’s history is impressive due to it’s strategic secluded bay. Although conquered by many, here’s a bit of striking history with one 1 very recent event.





Location of the Hermida de Santa Marta in Baiona, Galicia Spain 42° 6' 53.5752" N, 8° 50' 10.536" W

Hermitage and Chapel Ermita Santa Justa in Cantabria Spain

Sign at the Chapel and Hermitage Ermita Santa Justa in Cantabria - SpainIt’s a gem on the Cantabria coastline. The chapel of Santa Justa built into a cove on a small beach near Santillana del Mar. There’s quite a bit of history here.




Hermitage and Chapel – Ermita Santa Justa in Cantabria – Spain 43° 25' 33.6468" N, 4° 5' 52.728" W
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