Custom Garmin navigation voices

Custom Garmin navigation voices

With the Garmin Nuvi range - and also with the Garmin Dezl - it's possible to add a custom navigation voice with Garmin Voice Studio. Have a look how to get this done with a funny sample of the free Dr Nightmare voice.

Custom navigation voices from Garmin

Garmin has released a few extra navigation voices on the Garage website section. Funny navigation voices such as Dr Nightmare showcases this custom navigation voice feature.

This voice among several others can be installed for free from the Garmin site into the Garmin Dezl.

Garmin Dezl 560LT custom navigation voice Dr nightmare
Garmin custom navigation voice Dr. Nightmare

The free custom navigation voices are on the funny side and less practical if a clear voice is needed to make road directions audible. But this voice feature opens the door for navigation customization not possible before. Examples are navigation directions in local dialects, languages not released by Garmin or at a higher volume for very noisy trucks.

Custom navigation voice with Garmin Voice Studio

Garmin has released a simple voice recorder - Garmin Voice Studio V2.0 - available for free at the Garmin Garage website section.

Garmin Voice Studio V2.0
Record your own navigation voice pack with Garmin Voice Studio V2.0

71 navigation phrases must be recorded to create and download your own navigation voice pack.  Unfortunately the 63 existing Garmin voice packs can not be changed using the Voice Studio recorder.  

Navigation voice customization is possible with the following Garmin's:

  • dēzl 560
  • aera series
  • GPSMAP® 620 & 640
  • nüvi® series
  • nüLink! 1695
  • zūmo® 660


Commercial Garmin language packs

Several have jumped into the navigation voice market and offer custom voices for Garmin and other navigation devices.



Nightrider Kitt voice
Ozzie X-rated voice
Spongebob voice

Garmin custom navigation voices


Fiddling with Garmin Voice Studio shows it's not so easy to create a smooth navigation voice. It takes quite a bit of experience and time to record the words in a consistent way without hiss, background noises and volume changes.

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