Wildlife Refuge near Epidavros Nafplio

  • Posted on: 11 April 2016
  • By: Nomad
Stavropódi Kanapítsa Wildlife refuge Argolis Greece

The wildlife refuge Stavropódi-Kanapítsa is a protected mountainous area close to the ancient site of Epidavros.
In this area you'll find the 11th century Monastery St Demetrios also known as the Egg Monastery.
The Monastery overlooks a fertile valley where the river Rados snakes towards Aria Beach.

Offroading in Stavropódi Kanapítsa Wildlife refuge Argolis Greece

The track starts from the mountain road connecting Didima with ancient Epidavros.
On this road you'll find a large sign about the Windmill park in the corner of the road - see the video below.

View on Kilada from Stavropódi Kanapítsa Wildlife refuge

have a look;

Here's the road section that crosses the Wildlife Refuge Stavropódi-Kanapítsa starting at the windmill park.

Upto the windmills, the track is suitable for category 6 trucks. From the windmills and onwards upto category 2 trucks can navigate the road through the park.