Offroad from Ligourio to Kantia in Greece

  • Posted on: 24 April 2016
  • By: Nomad
Offroad near Ligourio, Epidavros, Epidaurus in Peleponnese Greece

This offroad mountain track starts near Ligourio leading to a deserted narrow track towards to Kantia vallet passing a deserted village and church Agios Nikolaos. The track has quite a bit of overgrowth and several steep sections.

Deserted village and church Agios Nikolaos near Kantia

The deserted village is at the end of the track;

Deserted houses near Kantia Beach

Have a look at the video from this track

The narrow section of the track is here - locally know as Komovrisi

The steep and narrow sections require some experience with offroading and not too much concern about a few scratches from overgrowth.

This track can not be driven with anything larger than category 2 vehicles.

You can loop back to Ligourio / Epidavros / Epidaurus over this offroad track.

Made it in local news in Greece.