Vehicle Size and Off-roading in Greece

Navigating local roads and off-road trails in Greece is possible with a wide range of vehicles.

Having an All Wheel Drive vehicle is not an absolute necessity though may help on sandy, muddy or steep sections.

Vehicle Size & Type may be more limiting than the configuration of the driveline.(4x2 - 4x4 - 6x6)

Experience counts for a lot - locals know their dirt road trails quite well, in the early days this was all there was.

Off-Road capabilities

A few vehicle characteristics that determine Off-Road capabilities;

  • Ground Clearance - the distance between the lowest point of the body and the road
  • Wheelbase - the distance between the front and rear axle
  • Exit Angle - the angle between the rear of the vehicle and point where the rear wheel touches. (Overhang)
  • Break Over Angle - Combining Ground Clearance and Wheelbase.
  • Height
  • Width
  • Wheel and / or Axle load
  • Items that stick out on the roof and sides (hatches, awnings, boxes etc)

A bit of ground clearance and a wheel base less than 3.60 meter may get you really far.
Rear overhang less than 1 - 1.5 meter may help as well.

Vehicle categories

A few examples of various sized vehicles.

Do note that this categorisation is purely informational and does not suggest your vehicle may fit on an off-road track or not. Off-road tracks may be different the time you decide to drive a certain track mentioned on this website.

Category Type Picture Access to dirt / farmer Roads Classification
Vehicle categories
1 Passenger car Good Access - with some ground clearance

Mitsubishi L200
4.500 Kg

2 Van - Mini Bus Volvo Camper Volvo 6x6
Steyr Pinzagauer
Volkswagen Syncro
Mitsubishi L300
5.500 Kg
3 Light Bus or

Unimog 1300 Access depends on
Wheelbase and Exit Angle
Mercedes Vario
MAN 8.136
Unimog 1300
7.500 Kg
4 Light Truck Iveco Camper Unimog 2150
Iveco Eurocargo
Mercedes 917
9.500 Kg
5 Medium
sized Truck
MAN Steyr Camper Access also depends on Height, Width & Weight MAN TGS
Mercedes Axor
12.000 Kg
6 Large sized Truck / Bus MAN KAT 6x6 camper MAN KAT 6x6
20.000 Kg
  Picture courtesy to Expedition Truck Brokers

Rules of thumb navigating local trails

Previewing a track with Google Earth may find buildings, narrow, steep sections along the way.

Finding a building on a track usually means locals have gone there with a small to medium sized truck.
A quarry along the track usually means heavy large sized trucks may have been there as well.

A few rules of thumb for judging if your vehicle may fit a local dirt / farmer track.

Most of the roads in Greece are built with 4x2 trucks upto 8 - 10 meters in length.

Construction Trucks with Cab height height ranges from 2 meters upto 3 meters.
Wheels base ranges from 3 to 4+ meters.

Houses are usually built by a crew transported up the track with a Van or Light Truck;

Average height ranges upto 2.5 meters
Wheelbase goes upto approximate. 3.5 meter

Dirt / Farmer Trails are serviced by Backhoe's, Excavators or Tractors