The Gear

We driving our 1992 Toyota Landcruiser LJ70 2.4TD LX on tracks in Greece - it's our 4x4 car since 2003 - more about our Landcruiser here.

Toyota Landcruiser LJ70

The video's you find in our stories are captured with a SONY HDR AS200V Action Cam - more about this nifty compact Cam here.

Sony HDR-AS200V Action Cam with suction mount

During our rides we track the GPS location over a Satellite messaging system similar to the system used in Satellite phones. This for emergencies as often tracks get out of reach of a cellphone signal.
It's a pocket system also used when walking off-track with a backpack.

More about this pocket GPS tracker with global reach here.

Satellite GPS Tracker

Casio ProTrek PRW-3100G-3JR (special Japanese Domestic market version);

Casio ProTrek PRW-3100G

Video's are edited with LightWorks, a great tool for Quick Edits and Online publication - more about this Video Edit tool here;

Lightworks Video Edit Software