Salora CDC3350FD in Toyota Landcruiser

  • Posted on: 19 April 2017
  • By: Nomad
Salora Dashcam in Toyota Landcruiser

The benefits of a dashboard video camera - a Dashcam - is it's continuous recording to capture sudden events on the road.
The Sony ActionCam has great video recording features, though it has to started and stopped manually at each ride.

A quick market scan brought up the affordable Salora CDC3350FD;

Solera Dashcam CDC3350FD

The dashcam turns On and Off automatically, loops automatically over a few days and prevents video's to be deleted with heavy G-shocks (crash)

One of the problems with Dashcams are Where and How to mount it with a good view outside.
The Salora Dashcam comes with a suction cup and a fixed mount - though this proved to problematic in several ways;

  • Its sitting in the sun most of the time - above 50 degrees Celsius will not be a rare occurrence. 
  • Its very visible on the dashboard, which may attract unwanted attention.
  • A standard plastic suction cup does not last in hot weather or heavy shaking

So after a while the following solution;

Solera Dashcam in Toyota Landcruiser

The Salora Dashcam attached to a Dog Barrier Rack in the Toyota Landcruiser.
Main reasons;

  • Out of the sun and more out of sight
  • Hangs on the rack through a pouch with flap - easily removed
  • Strapped against the rack to avoid shaking on offroad tracks

Solera Dashcam in Dog Barrier Rack

See the video result here on-road / off-road and in the evening;

The coming summer season will prove if the Dashcam can survive heat and shocks in the country side of Greece.