Staying overnight offroad in Greece

Greece has an abundance of untouched nature accessible through local unpaved farmer trails, some requiring serious off-road experience.

Navigating these trails may put bring you to Awesome Places some very tempting to Stay Overnight for further exploration the next day.

Most of the year Greek Nature is relatively dry posing a continuous risk for Bush and Forrest fires.

The Greek National Fire Department (Hellenic Fire Service / Πυροσβεστικό Σώμα) has an impressive operation throughout Greece with many professionals and volunteers operating Offroad Fire Trucks, Planes and Helicopters.

Greek Fire Fighter Trucks Nafplio
Nafplio Fire Department Trucks

Be AWARE that during Summer Season the risk on of Sudden and Fast Moving fires can be HIGH.

Getting caught with a Camp Fire may result in hefty fines, angry locals or worse.

Fire Departments in Greece operate 24 hr patrols during High Season and often camp-out with their vehicles in nature to respond faster.