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Last update: Monday, September 05, 2005

162 Days in the East
  • Why a camper ? : A question which we've asked ourselves numerous times. In fact traveling around with a camper is quite a burden, when compared to backpacking. The paperwork and costs takes a lot of preparation specially on such a lengthy trip. Next to this the risk of a breakdown continuously slumbers through our minds. It's (relatively) far more easier to just pack our backpacks and go. So why take a camper anyway .....?
    The essence for us is a combination of flexibility, travel range and available time. We're used to traveling off the beaten track, living like nomads and enjoying places untouched by commercial tourism. During the past years we discovered our camper enabled us to go to places very hard to reach in a different way. And equally important to us, we could leave whenever we choose to. This in combination with the time (approx. 6 months) and the length of the route ahead of us (approx. 30.000 Km) we decided to go and make the trip with our camper.
  • The Car : In April we replaced our Nissan Pickup 2WD for a 4WD. To adjust our car to our trip we added the following accessories: A larger fueltank (120 litres), a snorkel, a steel bumper and heavy duty leaf springs. Rear suspension is upgraded with independent controllable left & right air suspension. The pickup area contains two single 'U'-rails which holds the slide-in unit in place.
  • The Slide-in unit : A two person Slide-in unit from BEKA (Dutch make). The unit is glued together from thick 'sandwhich' panels. The interior is simple and contains a small sink, fridge and heating.