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Tuesday, 20 February 2018
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Importing a dog into Oman - innoculations, certificates and permits
Wednesday, 09 April 2008
On 13 march 2008 we've gone through all pet import paperwork and procedures to import Indra – our  white Canadian Sheppard – from the UAE into Oman. On this day we crossed the border into Oman at the Hatta border post (Al Wajajah). It was a hot day already and being at the border with any missing per import paperwork would have made the border crossing an even longer story for sure.

Pet import rules in Oman

Oman has pretty distinct rules to import pets and the import procedure at the Omani border was one we hadn’t experienced before. Indra was examined by a veterinary and all required import paperwork was meticulously sifted through  – piece by piece. This while UAE customs didn’t even ask for the required export permit and they did see Indra for sure.

On top of that the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water requires the export permit to be accompanied by a health certificate less than 10 days old. The same health certificate can be used for the Omani pet import paperwork. The UAE export permit and the health certificate was arranged at the Animal Quarantine area near Dubai Airport – Cargo terminal – where Indra was examined. At the same time a re-entry permit was arranged to import Indra back into the UAE. All this for 100 AED (about € 18,76). At this point we also bought an E-dirham card necessary to pay the UAE vet when coming back into the Emirates.

The Oman Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries requires the following documentation:

-    A rabies vaccination less than 1 year old (even if there’s a 3 year inoculation)
-    Yearly inoculations for parvo, distemper, liver disease and leptospirose  
-    Dog passport with microchip registration and prove of the above
-    Pet import permit for dogs and cats based on the above
-    Pet health certificate less than 10 days old

Import permit for pets in Oman

We got the Omani pet import permit through Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic in Muscat - Oman with help of Brit Vets in Abu Dhabi. The Omani health certificate costs about 6 OR (€ 10,80). A few weeks before we took Indra to the Jumeirah Veterinary Clinic in Dubai – Jumeirah for a new rabies shot. This took 280 AED (€ 52,53) including a checkup.

Based on the above a new pet import document is made (in Arabic) by the Omani veterinary at the Hatta border for importation of Indra. The veterinary keeps the original health certificate and import permit during the import procedure so make copies if you want to keep those. The procedure takes 1 OR.

The new pet import document created at the border is asked for by Omani customs. They seem to know exactly what they were doing – arriving with none of the required paperwork would sure have caused a long delay.

Pet import costs in Oman

The total costs for the whole procedure was about € 83,89 including a new rabies inoculation, excluding the costs for phone calls, internet and fuel. The minimum costs for importation would be about € 30,- paying for export, import and health certificate documents. It took about a day of e-mails, calls and arrangements to get everything done over a lead-time of about 2 weeks.

Pet import without paperwork

Also we heard that one can cross the Omani border with a dog without the above preparations. This with just an European animal passport and recent inoculations. However one gets to deal with the inevitable trouble, time and frustration at the border and possibly the chance to be refused entry with the dog depending on the officer in charge and the color of your shoe laces. Not recommendable during summer heat while most of the waiting is outside.

Looking back we could have taken a chance also – but with only a few days left on our UAE visa and the heat already rising we were glad we could go on within 2,5 hours. We lost an hour because between 1 and 2 pm there’s lunch at the Omani customs department and a fresh shift starts.   

For the re-entry of Indra in the UAE from Oman the best route is to stop at the vet at the airport (N23 35' 13.4" E58 17' 19.3" - unmarked building with small parking) in Muscat to get an Omani export permit and health certificate in one go. A veterinarian there is on standby and all paperwork can be filled out on the spot. The Omani health certificate is also valid for the re-entry permit into the UAE.
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