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Tuesday, 20 February 2018
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Visa extension in Esfahan - Iran
Thursday, 24 January 2008
In December 2007 we extended our 30 day tourist visa with one month. It was a smooth 1 morning process with a little walking and waiting. However finding the right location in Esfahan to extend our visa wasn’t that easy. There’s too much old info around and the office seems to have moved at least 2 times in the past years. In 2006 the visa extension office was in a different location for sure. Here you find a few bits and pieces to get your visa extended in Esfahan. First of all the location of the visa extension office. In December 2007 it is located at:

Rudaki Avenue
1 Km west of the Rudaki - Vahid road intersection
South-West Esfahan

For the visa extension you need:

-    2 recent colour passport pictures
-    100.000 Rials each for Dutch nationals.
-    A deposit slip of the Meli bank
-    2 identical visa application forms
-    Copy of your passport ID section
-    Copy of your Iranian visa with entrance stamp clearly visible.

It’s at the right side of the road when coming from the Roodaki/Vahid intersection and is part of a police station. The visa extension department is at the 1-st floor. The whole section looked brand new to us.

For a quick one morning visa extension it’s best to arrive as early as possible. Visa extensions can be filed before 12:00 noon. When the authorising officer is there to sign your extension you can have it before 14:00 the same day.

After handing over our passports we were handed a pink slip with the bank account number for a bank deposit of 100.000 Rials each. Visa extension forms we bought for 6000 Rials / set in the green booth behind the entrance gate.

The closest Meli bank is at walking distance, about 15 minutes one-way. Walk back to the Roodaki - Vahid road intersection, then head south and at the next big crossroads go right. The Meli bank is at the rounded corner.

Deposits are handled at the counter closest to the stairs. Long queues might be there. Politely wave your pink slip and probably you’ll be served instantly. The bank is a good place to fill out the visa extension form in the meanwhile.

Back at the visa extension office hand over the lot. Probably you’ll be told when you can pick up your visa extension. If the authorized officer is out it’s probably best to come back in the afternoon or the next day. If the boss is there you can probably wait for your visa extension. In our case he was out and came back after 13:30.

We got a 30 day extension on top of our 30 day tourist visa. In the past an extension chopped of a few days of the original visa. As extra service they now stamp the expiration date in non-Farsi writing. Our 2006 visa extension was a puzzle to figure out the expiration date.
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