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Thursday, 22 February 2018
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Greek Country life
Tuesday, 13 June 2006
It’s now almost 2 weeks. We got a bit used now to Greek country life – and seeing the country in low season. The route from Igoumenitsa went through the coast down towards Nafpaktos en upwards from Itea to Lamias (near mountain Olympus). It took us about a week, travelling about 100 – 150 Km a day with one day of rest.
The area round Lamias is total agricultural heaven. The valley is very fertile with lots of water coming down mount Iti (2116 meters) and from Karpenesi. So basically we’re living a country live now with friends we met about 14 years ago. The truck is parked in their garden among agricultural equipment, olive trees, a grape vine and fruit trees.

We spent some time here to change the rear of the truck and experience the life in Greece. The ground clearance at the rear is enlarged with a crashbar that can swivel both ways. Under the truck or behind the truck. The latter is used as a step to reach stuff inside the truck. See the picture album for the basic idea.

Internet in Greece has not integrated in society (yet). The main cause by far is the phone system. It’s mainly dial-up access with 24 hr - ADSL only in the bigger cities. Internet providers (NetCarta, Forthnet, Otenet)  sell prepaid scratch cards (€ 5, €10 € 20) to get access for several hours. Next is undoubtedly the Greek script, web addresses are written in Latin script and stick out like a dirty pole in the water. Greece probably faces a bigger hurdle than any other European country to join up on the net.

The arrival of the Euro hasn’t come cheap for Greece. We keep hearing it has increased the cost of life a whopping big-time. Wages here start around € 800,- / month with nearly the same European prices for commodities like fuel, steel, equipment and such. Renting a place to live starts round € 250,- / month. But compared to western Europe, there’s the opportunity to live directly from the land. Vegetables, fruits are real cheap.
Also the small grocery shop is still a common sight and hasn’t left society as it did so rapidly in western Europe.

Anyhow, the best of Greece is the people & their way of life. The day is split in two parts in the countryside. Morning and Evening. Midday is siesta time from about 2:30 to 6 pm. With our Dutch city heads it takes a while to get used to the concept. The many many Taverna’s stand in the middle of life during the evening, specially among men and (younger) women. It’s an important part of Greek life, it’s where people meet.
And also the place to see strangers like us – the ones who arrive like they’re Gypsies and have stupid habits like taking a dog outside and do stuff at midday.

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