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Sunday, 21 January 2018
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The big why
Friday, 05 August 2005
Why do people do travel for the purpose of travelling? That is travelling in the context of travelling way beyond the usual 2-4 weeks off?  In fact what's in there apart from just getting from A to B? What is it what makes people give up well established luxury lives, jobs, houses and more? Lots of sensible questions, but what about answers?

For us the answer is simple, it's in our fabric. For now that is. We treasure the experience well above having an established live and all the facilities & materialism which comes wth that. Although on the scale of the travelling itself we come well prepared. Putting a cargo truck to work compared to a backpack or suitcase is in fact way beyond prepared.

Although it sounds like a luxury way of travelling, it comes with a LOT of work, not to mention resources and solving a vast amount of unknows. The travelling itself comes with the reward of staying at remote places beyond the beaten tourist trails normally unreachable otherwise. Imagine staying a few days in a stunning natural environment without having the worry where to get water & food or find a place to sleep. Oh my! But what about the danger ?

The above makes us go to great lengths. Preapre for several years, skip the usual vacations & holidays. Save up big time and treasure the thoughts about the pretty intense travelling in far away places.

We've been there before, knowing a bit about what comes ahead from a 6 month trip through the Middle-East. However this time it's going to be different. We plan to mix our travelling with work and living at places where we find the opertunity.
Travelling over long distances is pretty rhough, it tends to eat at us. Stopping for days, weeks feels empty. 
Having something at hand is great and works both ways. Locals can benefit in the same way.

So for now, this what drives us, now lets see what happens when we're in the middle of it!
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