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Thursday, 18 January 2018
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Arno - Driver & Mechanic
Tuesday, 26 April 2005
Driver, Mechanic, Webmaster and what more, when travelling long distances one becomes a jack of all trades. From welding roofracks to figuring out GPS devices to purifying water with a simple UV bulb.
And there's never a stop to things breaking and yet again being forced to jump deep into the gruwesome facts technology can put on you. And all this while trying to live a life on the road.

Someone asked me once, how you can put up with all this shit! In the end everyone just wants to have that beer and watch a sunset in peace while talking to a few good friends? It's true. Life can be that simple, so why make drinking your beer so hard? It took me a while to figure this one out. It's not about the destination, but how i reach it. I can drink a thousand beers everywhere and still not enjoy it. There's nothing to look back on, in fact it's too easy.

Ok, so i like to drink my beers the hard way. But i treasure the moments i experience while on the road. The people, the weird situations, the stuff one encounters while travelling overland. It sticks with me, and it lasts for a long time. And yes, i may have missed out on 100's of beers in the meanwhile. And my hands may be bruised when i finaly get there. And that may make that one beer so much better than all the ones i could have had with neatly washed office hands.

And hey, i don't like beer anyways and it's a bad idea with a 10 ton truck. So where's the pain? Oh well, it's all about what one treasures in life. I'm happy we're not all the same, allowing diversity and make people stand out in the crowds. And maybe you'll find me oneday saying exactly the same. Why put up with all that shit while you can experience a good life just around the corner. And just that is what it's all about, to know what's around the many corners of life.

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